Platforms and Sport England Funding Application

by Clevedon FWAC on

  • Our application was progressing well up until early August.
  • John Merne my contact in Sport England has been supporting our application and fighting our corner, in his words it was looking very promising.
  • John asked for a copy of our lease in order to let the legal team look over it.
  • i asked for a copy from Bob but he only had a paper copy dated 2004
  • I contacted the EA Estate Team and requested an up to date electronic copy.
  • Catherine O’Brien did provide one dated 2009 and said it was under review.
  • I explained why we needed it and told her about gaining permission and the certificates from the EA with regard to the platforms.
  • She appeared to be unaware of this process and asked me to send her what I had plus the grid references where the platforms are to be placed which I did.
  • The response came back from her saying that I had not gained permission from the land owner i.e. the EA.
  • I replied back to her saying that I was aware permission also had to be gained from the land owner and I did check if I needed it given the EA had gave us permission to place the platforms at 12 grid references along the river on their own land and I was told to simply go ahead.
  • It would appear we do need permission from the Estates Team and they will not give this until this business with the land is sorted and a new lease is drawn up. They will not divulge what the changes are at the moment.
  • I have asked that I be kept informed and asked when this change is likely to be completed.
  • I have contacted Sport England and asked them to press the pause button on our application.

Ivan Currie



Written by: Clevedon FWAC