River Kenn on fine form

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What a day on the River Kenn (Thurs 23rd Jan). 4 anglers on the bank. Chris Ford fished below Strode Rd with bread and had 4 bream the best going 7lbs 10oz plus a small carp! Mike James fished a small lure for pike and had one just under 10lbs. Chris Burden fished his usual long rod and centre pin with an avon float and bread and had a big tench and a pike! Club Secretary Ivan Currie fished the waggler and maggot 2 pegs above Strode Rd for 3 big hybrids, 2 tench, a roach, 6 perch and a jack pike. The river was spot on. Thats 7 species of fish caught today.





Match update

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Our Match Calendar is almost ready for publishing on our Website but while this is being finalised here are a couple of dates if anyone is interested (Club members only)…….

Sunday 26th January River Kenn
Sunday Sunday 9th February River Kenn

Tench and plenty of perch coming out at the moment.

Book in with Adie on 07988 736722


New Head Water Keeper

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John Sallis who has been our Head Water Keeper for many years has stood down due to moving to Weston Super Mare. We would like to thank John for his hard work and dedication. John remains on the Club Committee and will still be a voice to be heard.

We would also like to welcome Matt Davis who has now taken up the role. Matt has been an active member of the Club for some time. If your on the bank you’ll be seeing him frequently.



Christmas Match 2019

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The next match is our annual Christmas Open which this year will be held on the River Kenn on Sunday 22nd December.
0900 draw at Warrens holiday park with Breakfast available from 0800hrs, £20 all in for club members, £25 for non members which includes pools & a prize guaranteed for every angler.
Fish 1030-1530hrs then back to Warrens for presentation,raffle & cider!

Please book in with Adie Baker 07988 736722

The weed on the Kenn has gone so let’s get fishing…….

Numerous species showed during a small Club Match on 6th October.

Barry Fowlers won with 15lb plus from peg 20 made up mainly of 3 tench and a few skimmers he also lost a big bream at the net.

Secretary Ivan Currie caught a bag of roach and perch from peg 16 weighing in 6lb 11oz and 2nd place.

3rd was Scott Smallwood with 4lb 11oz from peg 18.

The river flowed all day and can only improve from now on.

PS…Barry always looks like this!

Ivan certainly caught the most fish

Scott’s best perch went over 2lbs

  • Our application was progressing well up until early August.
  • John Merne my contact in Sport England has been supporting our application and fighting our corner, in his words it was looking very promising.
  • John asked for a copy of our lease in order to let the legal team look over it.
  • i asked for a copy from Bob but he only had a paper copy dated 2004
  • I contacted the EA Estate Team and requested an up to date electronic copy.
  • Catherine O’Brien did provide one dated 2009 and said it was under review.
  • I explained why we needed it and told her about gaining permission and the certificates from the EA with regard to the platforms.
  • She appeared to be unaware of this process and asked me to send her what I had plus the grid references where the platforms are to be placed which I did.
  • The response came back from her saying that I had not gained permission from the land owner i.e. the EA.
  • I replied back to her saying that I was aware permission also had to be gained from the land owner and I did check if I needed it given the EA had gave us permission to place the platforms at 12 grid references along the river on their own land and I was told to simply go ahead.
  • It would appear we do need permission from the Estates Team and they will not give this until this business with the land is sorted and a new lease is drawn up. They will not divulge what the changes are at the moment.
  • I have asked that I be kept informed and asked when this change is likely to be completed.
  • I have contacted Sport England and asked them to press the pause button on our application.

Ivan Currie