Angling Trust Forum – Taunton

by Clevedon FWAC on

John Sallis and I attended the above Forum on Wednesday evening 29th January.

There were a number of Club representatives present from as far south as Cornwall up to Bristol.

It was good to meet the new CEO of the Angling Trust, Jamie Cook who had only been in post 3 days but he is an angler covering all disciplines of the sport but a specimen carp angler at heart. What’s more he lives in Bristol.

As a member Club of the Angling Trust we must look to see how we can use there services more other than simply having legal protection and advice.

The Environment Agency Fisheries Team were also in attendance and I met Liam Timothy for the first time face to face. Liam has helped the Club quite a bit during the past year including supplying 1000 roach and skimmers just before Christmas.

I spoke to him about the weed problem we have on the Kenn during August and October. It’s Floating Pennywort and is an invasive species from North America. The EA did provide mechanical equipment to clear it last year and we have requested more of the same this year. I have also been in conversation with the Angling Trust concerning the problem as its becoming a problem nationally. I have been informed DEFRA are working on a solution e.g. spray to kill it off without damaging the rest of the environment.

ivan Currie




Written by: Clevedon FWAC