15th October 2021


Our on line sales had to be suspended earlier in the year due to some technical difficulties but I am please to say that the facility to purchase permits on line is back up and running, The help provided by Scott Smallwood and his son Lewis is very much appreciated.


We had a report of diesel coming out of a culvert upstream of Strode Rd in the vicinity of peg 37. Thanks to the quick action of Chris Burden who reported the incident the Environment Agency and Wessex Water were able to respond quickly. There is no evidence of fish loss or any other environmental impact. Should you see anything of concern entering any waterway please phone the Environment Agency on 0800 807060, this number is on the back of your rod licence.


We have been advised by the Environment Agency that maintenance work starting in Mid November to Mid April is to be carried out on and around the area surrounding the Out -Fall gates. An area will be fenced off during the period of works as outlined in the photo below. We have asked a number of questions surrounding the protection of fish stocks during this period and have been reassured with the response but we will monitor very carefully.