21st May 2021

Last season (2020/21) the River Kenn fished exceptionally well and we saw a big increase in membership thanks to fishing being permitted during the pandemic and we also made it easier to purchase our permits by putting them on-line. The banks were well maintained and we managed to keep the weed under control.

This season we have gone one step further in order to make fishing more comfortable. By the time June 16th comes around up to 30 or more safe pegs will have been created from the Kenn Rd Car Park down to the Outfall.

This will not only provide anglers with a level area to fish from but will also protect the banks as no digging will be necessary.

The reeds have also been strimmed back on the path below peg 22 to allow members of the public to see anglers in good time. Some tree pruning is also planned above Strode Rd.

We have also worked with the Environment Agency to survey the river above the M5 Motorway which will assist us with future stocking programmes. In addition to this we are working with them and the Flood Risk Dept to see if we can keep the water at a higher level Dec – March.

So lots of things happening behind the scenes to improve the river, there’s always something to do……