14th August 2018

Clevedon Freshwater Angling Club held a competition against Fry’s Angling Club from Bristol on Durleigh Reservoir just outside Bridgwater. It was a wet start for competitors but soon developed into a pleasant day, slightly overcast with a light breeze. Various methods work on the venue and anglers had to decide to target the large shoals of bream on the Feeder at distance or Float fish for the high numbers of roach close in. Clevedon Match Secretary Adie Baker decided on the Feeder at distance and was rewarded with a 15lb carp which fell to a worm on his first cast. Unfortunately any carp caught were capped at a 5lb weight. That really didn’t matter to Adie as he went on to net 40lb of bream giving him a total weight of 45lb 8oz and an individual match win.
Fry’s angler Jason Bird had the next best weight fishing the Feeder at distance and weighed 33lb 6oz. Another Fry’s angler Merv Sivell filled third spot with 31lb 10oz of roach all caught short on the float, Clevedon Club Chairman Steve Bonwick was fourth place with 17lb.
The Clevedon Club won the day with a total weight of 102lb 5oz to Fry’s 92lb 6oz.