Match Results

Please ensure you book in with Rob Fogg by the Friday prior to a match.

Rob Fogg
Clevedon FWAC Match Secretary
Telephone: 07837 593007

Please note that all contestants in Clevedon & District Freshwater Angling Club matches, except publicised “OPEN” matches must hold an EA Rod License and a valid Clevedon & District Freshwater Angling Club License/Permit.

Showing match results for 2024

Results - Sunday 21st January 2024

Club Match Trinity Woodlands

1st Kev P Peg 14 18.10
2nd Brian S Peg 10 12.3
3rd Alan J Peg 12 11.14
4th Joanna W Peg 6 11.05
5th Dan D Peg 8 8.15
1st Jeremy S Peg 30 4.10

Results - Sunday 7th January 2024

New years Pairs match @Plantations

1st Mark Broomsgrove/Paul N Peg 27/11 116.15
2nd Paul F/Paul S Peg 38/1 101.10
3rd Jeremy S/Ivan C Peg 8/29 99.01
4th Mark Birdseye/Dave N Peg 7/28 89.02
5th Kev P/Adie B Peg 5/35 78.12