Match Results

Please ensure you book in with Adie Baker by the Friday prior to a match.

Adie Baker
Clevedon FWAC Match Secretary
Telephone: 07988 736722

Please note that all contestants in Clevedon & District Freshwater Angling Club matches, except publicised “OPEN” matches must hold an EA Rod License and a valid Clevedon & District Freshwater Angling Club License/Permit.

Results - Sunday 3rd October 2021

Club match Trinity Woodlands

1stDan DymondPeg 137lb 12oz
2ndSteve WarrenPeg 130lb 15oz
3rdJohn WolstencroftPeg 103lb 11oz
1stPaul SmithPeg

Results - Sunday 26th September 2021

Committee Weekender pairs - Higher Farm Fishery - Lower Lake

1stAdie Baker & Lee SmallwoodPeg 1 & 1086lb 6oz
2ndJohn Sallis & Paul RandallPeg 9 & 461lb 6oz
3rdBarry Fowler & Andy DevereuxPeg 8 & 236lb 11oz

Results - Saturday 25th September 2021

Committee Weekender singles shield - Higher Farm Fishery - Upper Lake

1stBarry FowlerPeg 137lb 4oz
2ndMatt DavisPeg 236lb 12oz
3rdAndy DevereuxPeg 523lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 12th September 2021

Club Match River Kenn

1stJeff BeasleyPeg 245lb 2oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg 63lb 5oz
3rdSimon CarveloPeg 372lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 8th August 2021

Club Match - Durleigh Reservoir - Lodge Bank

1stTerry ShawPeg 1441lb 1oz
2ndDan HurleyPeg 1139lb 15oz
3rdKev HewittPeg 935lb 11oz

Results - Saturday 24th July 2021

Annual Charity Open Match - River Kenn

1stAndy LawPeg peg 167lb 11oz
2ndMark BirdseyePeg peg 36lb 5oz
3rdSteve WarrenPeg peg 194lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 20th June 2021

Club Match River Kenn

1stChris FordPeg 1734lb 10oz
2ndScott SmallwoodPeg 617lb 0oz
3rdPaul RandallPeg 2015lb 2oz

Results - Sunday 23rd May 2021

Club match Plantation Horseshoe Lake

1stSteve BonwickPeg 634lb 14oz
2ndBrian SlipperPeg 727lb 10oz
3rdSteve WarrenPeg 1127lb 7oz
1stDan DymondPeg

Results - Saturday 17th April 2021

Club Match Apex Lake - Highbridge

1stKev PerryPeg 3118lb 11oz
2ndMark Broomsgrove & Lewis WalkerPeg 2416lb 14oz
3rdMark BartlettPeg 3810lb 1oz

Results - Sunday 27th December 2020

Boxing Day Pairs Match - River Kenn

1stJohn Sallis & Andy LawPeg 35 & 166lb 8oz
2ndKev Perry & Matt DavisPeg 36 & 181lb 9oz
3rdSteve Bonwick & Paul NicholsPeg 39 & 2412oz

Results - Sunday 13th December 2020

Christmas Match - River Kenn

1stLance TuckerPeg 107lb 2oz
2ndChris FordPeg 366lb 8oz
3rdJulian MossPeg 342lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 11th October 2020

Club match VS Frys Ac - Trinity Woodlands Lake

1stDarren VowlesPeg 2592lb 13oz
2ndDave BakerPeg 2491lb 12oz
3rdDan DymondPeg 1660lb 0oz
1stBarry FowlerPeg 210lb 4oz
2ndNigel MilkensPeg 146lb 11oz

Results - Sunday 27th September 2020

Annual Committee match - Todber Whitepost top lake

1stAdie BakerPeg 8117lb 0oz
2ndRob FoggPeg 963lb 15oz
3rdAndrew DevereuxPeg 1149lb 3oz

Results - Saturday 26th September 2020

Annual Committee pairs match - Todber Whitepost bottom lake

1stAdie Baker & Barry FowlerPeg 57lb 10oz
2ndAndrew Devereux & Matt DavisPeg 57lb 8oz
3rdJohn Sallis & Steve BonwickPeg 52lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 6th September 2020

Club match - River Kenn

1stPaul SmithPeg 2023lb 1oz
2ndSteve BonwickPeg 419lb 3oz
3rdJeff BeasleyPeg 2216lb 3oz

Results - Sunday 9th August 2020

Club match - Durleigh Reservoir

1stMark BartlettPeg 1234lb 2oz
2ndDan DymondPeg 1028lb 11oz
3rdBrain SlipperPeg 413lb 15oz

Results - Saturday 18th July 2020

Dave Fowler memorial charity match - River Kenn

1stDan DymondPeg 320lb 3oz
2ndCraig FletcherPeg 415lb 1oz
3rdPaul WhitemorePeg 814lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 5th July 2020

Club match Vs Frys AC Trinity Woodlands Lake

1stMerv SivallPeg 2865lb 6oz
2ndSteve PreecePeg 364lb 6oz
3rdRay CooperPeg 1751lb 10oz
1stDan DymondPeg
2ndJason MaceyPeg 2211lb 14oz
3rdPaul FairesPeg 1211lb 14oz

Results - Sunday 21st June 2020

Club match - River Kenn

1stPete JohnsonPeg 86lb 9oz
2ndMatt DavisPeg 25lb 3oz
3rdBarry FowlerPeg 91lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 29th December 2019

Boxing Day Pairs - River Kenn

1stGary Cross & Shaun PartridgePeg 5lb 3oz
2ndScott Smallwood & Kev PerryPeg 2lb 4oz

Results - Sunday 22nd December 2019

Christmas match - River Kenn

1stGlen CalvertPeg 2016lb 3oz
2ndLance TuckerPeg 89lb 13oz
3rdKev PerryPeg 289lb 4oz

Results - Sunday 15th September 2019

Club Committee match - Goodiford Mill - Match Lake

1stAdie BakerPeg 51241lb 8oz
2ndScott SmallwoodPeg 6108lb 14oz
3rdJohn SallisPeg 191lb 15oz

Results - Saturday 14th September 2019

Club committee pairs - Goodiford Mill - Silvers Lake

1stSteve Bonwick & Andrew DevereuxPeg 8 & 108lb 3oz
2ndScott Smallwood & Adie BakerPeg 3 & 48lb 0oz
3rdBarry Fowler & Matt DavisPeg 5 & 93oz

Results - Saturday 7th September 2019

Dave Fowler Memorial Charity Match - River Kenn

1stPete JohnsonPeg 3810lb 10oz
2ndPaula FairesPeg 224lb 12oz
3rdGary CrossPeg 34lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 11th August 2019

Club match VS Frys AC Durleigh Reservoir

1stMark BartlettPeg 1272lb 5oz
2ndKev PerryPeg 1740lb 13oz
3rdMatt DavisPeg 1824lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 14th July 2019

Club match VS Frys AC Trinity Woodlands Lake

1stJay BirdPeg 8183lb 8oz
2ndAde CrawleyPeg 1138lb 10oz
3rdKev PerryPeg 4130lb 10oz
1stMark BroomsgrovePeg 656lb 14oz

Results - Sunday 30th June 2019

Club match River Kenn

1stJeff BeasleyPeg 122lb 9oz
2ndPaul RandellPeg 2215oz
3rdScott SmallwoodPeg 1511oz

Results - Sunday 9th June 2019

Club match Ham Green Lake

1stPaul RandellPeg 29lb 120z
2ndMatt DavisPeg 37lb 6oz
3rdJosh BakerPeg 14lb 7oz

Results - Sunday 12th May 2019

Club match Ham Green Lake

1stPaul RandellPeg 111lb 10oz
2ndJohn SallisPeg 23lb 04oz
3rdMatt DavisPeg 32lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 28th April 2019

Clevedon AC vs team Shiplate, Shiplate main lake

1stRitchie HawkinsPeg 188lb 09oz
2ndTon ThickPeg 1167lb 10oz
3rdKev PerryPeg 1456lb 10oz
1stAnthony ThickPeg 818lb 02oz
2ndJulian PinkettPeg 1315lb 04oz

Results - Sunday 3rd March 2019

Club Match - River Kenn

1stAdie BakerPeg 3620lb 8oz
2ndScott SmallwoodPeg 3510lb 140z
3rdJohn SallisPeg 3710lb 9oz

Results - Sunday 10th February 2019

Clevedon Ac vs Frys AC - Plantation Horseshoe lake

1stPete SivallPeg 637lb 12oz
2ndAdie CrawleyPeg 417lb 10oz
3rdMark BroomsgrovePeg 1117lb 0oz
1stPaul RadcliffePeg 97lb 0oz

Results - Saturday 29th December 2018

Boxing Day pairs open

1stMark Poppleton & Lance TuckerPeg 5 & 25108lb 4oz
2ndMark Broomsgrove & Lewis WalkerPeg 6 & 2767lb 4oz
3rdPaul Nichols & Rich LoveringPeg 15 & 3457lb 6oz

Results - Sunday 2nd December 2018

Christmas open match

1stMark BroomsgrovePeg 15111lb 10oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg 178lb 0oz
3rdRod DuffertyPeg 2164lb 2oz

Results - Sunday 18th November 2018

Dave Fowler Charity Open - River Kenn

1stChris HookPeg peg 712lb 6oz
2ndBarry FowlerPeg peg 211lb 12oz
3rdMatt DavisPeg peg 410lb 4oz

Results - Sunday 11th November 2018

Club Match Plantation Main Lake

1stLewis WalkerPeg 1986lb 10oz
2ndKev PerryPeg 2873lb 2oz
3rdMark BroomsgrovePeg 2553lb 2oz
1stMark BroomsgrovePeg 2546lb 2oz
2ndPaul FairesPeg 38lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 21st October 2018

Club Match Plantation Main Lake

1stMark BroomsgrovePeg 2465lb 6oz
2ndMark BartlettPeg 3262lb 15oz
3rdKev PerryPeg 2652lb 2oz

Results - Sunday 16th September 2018

Committee match Stafford Moor-Pines Lake

1stAndrew DevereuxPeg 632lb 4oz
2ndBarry FowlerPeg 1129lb 0oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg 1428lb 8oz

Results - Saturday 15th September 2018

Committee match Stafford Moor-Pines Lake

1stAndrew DevereuxPeg 1445lb 4oz
2ndScott SmallwoodPeg 1144lb 0oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg 1043lb 4oz

Results - Sunday 2nd September 2018

Club match River Kenn

1stMark BroomsgrovePeg 1119lb 8oz
2ndGary CrossPeg 715lb 2oz
3rdLance TuckerPeg 4413lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 12th August 2018

Clevedon AC vs Frys AC, Durleigh Reservoir

1stAdie BakerPeg 1145lb 8oz
2ndJason BirdPeg 1033lb 6oz
3rdMerv SevillPeg 831lb 10oz

Results - Sunday 22nd July 2018

Clevedon AC vs Frys AC, Trint Woodlands Lake

1stPete SevillPeg 24114lb
2ndAdie BakerPeg 10108lb 80z
3rdJonny PagePeg 1998lb 8oz
1stKev PerryPeg 2821lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 13th May 2018

Clevedon AC vs Shiplate AC, Trinity Woodlands Lake

1stNick HarveyPeg 14115lb 12oz
2ndDom SullivanPeg 1773lb 10oz
3rdRich HawkinsPeg 770lb 0oz
1stMark BromsgrovePeg 279lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 22nd April 2018

Clevedon AC vs Shiplate AC, Shiplate Main Lake

1stAndy LightPeg 15128lb 2oz
2ndDom SullivanPeg 278lb 8oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg 176lb.12oz

Results - Sunday 25th February 2018

Club match Plantation Main Lake

1stMark BroomsgrovePeg 27143lb 11oz
2ndLewis WalkerPeg 46lb 1oz
3rdMike OwensPeg 31lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 11th February 2018

Club match Plantation Main Lake

1stKev PerryPeg 27113lb 10oz
2ndJonny PagePeg 39105lb 0oz
3rdMike OwensPeg 773lb 10oz

Results - Sunday 28th January 2018

Club match Plantation Main Lake

1stLance TuckerPeg 3879lb 14oz
2ndMark BroomsgrovePeg 449lb 6oz
3rdMike OwensPeg 3947lb 3oz
1stSam JohnsonPeg 839lb 12oz

Results - Saturday 30th December 2017

Boxing Day Pairs open, Acorn Paddock Lake.

1stMike Owens & Mark BroomsgrovePeg 4 & 2227lb 12oz
2ndMark Walsh & Matt RodenPeg 2 & 3325lb 15oz
3rdAny Devereux & Lee WilliamsPeg 31 & 4010lb 14oz

Results - Sunday 17th December 2017

christmas match on acorn paddock lake

1stIvan CurriePeg 671lb 04oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg 266lb 15oz
3rdKeith RayPeg 160.10

Results - Sunday 12th November 2017

Plantation main lake, club match

1stMike OwensPeg 2467lb
2ndDave WridePeg 1964lb 2oz
3rdLance TuckerPeg 1652lb 2oz
1stMark BroomsgrovePeg NA40lb

Results - Sunday 29th October 2017

Plantation main lake, club match

1stKev PerryPeg 26138lb 12oz
2ndMark BroomsgrovePeg 38138lb 2oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg 32126lb 10oz
1stMark BrromsgrovePeg 3878lb

Results - Sunday 15th October 2017

Trinity Woodlands club match

1stJohn WolstencroftPeg 1279lb 10z
2ndMark BroomsgrovePeg 273lb 9oz
3rdLance TuckerPeg 859lb 2oz

Results - Sunday 1st October 2017

Dave Fowler Charity open, River Kenn

1stLance TuckerPeg 3829lb 8oz
2ndMark BroomsgrovePeg 129lb 6oz
3rdKev PerryPeg 197lb 14oz

Results - Sunday 30th July 2017

Durleigh Reservoir club match

1stChris ParrPeg NA63lb 02oz
2ndMark BroomPeg NA37lb 12oz
3rdAndy HembrowPeg NA26lb 09oz

Results - Sunday 9th July 2017

Durleigh Reservoir club match

1stKev PerryPeg NA76lb 08oz
2ndAndy HembrowPeg NA52lb 04oz
3rdRob FoggPeg NA28lb 00oz

Results - Sunday 25th June 2017

Club Match on the River Kenn

1stSteve BonwickPeg N/A19lb 6oz
2ndScott SmallwoodPeg N/A5lb 6oz

Results - Monday 19th June 2017

club match on the river kenn

1stChris HookPeg na71lb 04oz
2ndGary CrossPeg na45lb 07oz
3rdScott SmallwoodPeg na35lb 06oz

Results - Sunday 21st May 2017

Club Match on Trinity Woodlands Lake vs Shiplate

1stKurtiss PinkettPeg N/A86lb 11oz
2ndDave RemanPeg N/A82lb 3oz
3rdJohn HawkinsPeg N/A71lb 12oz
1stPaul FairesPeg N/A10lb 8oz
2ndLance TuckerPeg N/A7lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 2nd April 2017

Club Match on Trinity Woodlands Lake

1stKev PerryPeg N/A180lb 8oz
2ndPaul NicholsPeg N/A126lb 10oz
3rdBrian SlipperPeg N/A80lb 4oz
1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A13lb 3oz

Results - Sunday 19th February 2017

Club Match on Plantation Main Lake

1stLance TuckerPeg N/A81lb 7oz
2ndDarren VowlesPeg N/A71lb 2oz
3rdAndy DevereuxPeg N/A62lb 8oz
1stMike OwensPeg N/AN/A

Results - Sunday 5th February 2017

Club Match on Plantation Main Lake

1stAdie BakerPeg N/A37lb 2oz
2ndPaul FairesPeg N/A27lb 12oz
3rdAndy DevereuxPeg N/A22lb 6oz

Results - Tuesday 17th January 2017

Club Match on Plantation Main Lake

1stPaul NicholsPeg N/A37lb 4oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg N/A36lb 12oz
3rdRob FoggPeg N/A31lb 4oz

Results - Saturday 31st December 2016

Boxing Day Pairs OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stRich Heatley & Andy DevereuxPeg N/A89lb 11oz
2ndIvan Currie & Mark BromsgrovePeg N/A49lb 13oz

Results - Sunday 18th December 2016

Christmas Club Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stMike LairdPeg N/A53lb 7oz
2ndMike WilsonPeg N/A48lb 4oz
3rdRich HeatleyPeg N/A38lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 4th December 2016

Club Match on Plantation Main Lake

1stAndy DevereuxPeg N/A28lb 0oz
2ndLewis WalkerPeg N/A17lb 10oz
1stMark BartlettPeg N/A9lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 13th November 2016

Club Match on Plantation Main Lake

1stScott SmallwoodPeg N/A51lb 14oz
2ndMark BartlettPeg N/A44lb 8oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg N/A39lb 11oz

Results - Sunday 25th September 2016

OPEN Match on the River Kenn (Dave Fowler Memorial)

1stRob FoggPeg N/A5lb 0oz
2ndLance TuckerPeg N/A3lb 14oz
3rdSteve BonwickPeg N/A3lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 11th September 2016

Club Match on Trinity Woodlands

1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A91lb 9oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg N/A66lb 2oz
3rdKev PerryPeg N/A48lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 17th July 2016

Club Match on Durleigh Reservoir

1stMike FergusonPeg N/A60lb 1oz
2ndJason BirdPeg N/A56lb 10oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg N/A47lb 10oz

Results - Sunday 19th June 2016

Club Match on The River Kenn

1stChris HookPeg N/A71lb 4oz
2ndGary CrossPeg N/A45lb 7oz
3rdScott SmallwoodPeg N/A35lb 6oz

Results - Sunday 8th May 2016

Club Match on Acorn Paddock vs Team Shiplate

1stBrian SlipperPeg N/A89lb 2oz
2ndRuss PeckPeg N/A86lb 12oz
3rdKev PerryPeg N/A79lb 4oz

Results - Sunday 24th April 2016

Club Match on Shiplate Main Lake vs Team Shiplate

1stRichie HawkinsPeg N/A82lb 11oz
2ndMatt RodenPeg N/A46lb 6oz
3rdRob FoggPeg N/A37lb 6oz
1stMike OwensPeg N/A20lb 6oz

Results - Sunday 3rd April 2016

Club Match on Trinity Woodlands

1stJohn WolstencroftPeg N/A75lb 12oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg N/A41lb 10oz
3rdJohn PagePeg N/A34lb 8oz
1stRob FoggPeg N/A8lb 0oz

Results - Monday 28th March 2016

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stMike OwensPeg N/A94lb 8oz
2ndBob GullickPeg N/A84lb 2oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg N/A83lb 14oz
1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A8lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 13th March 2016

Club Match on River Kenn.

1stScott SmallwoodPeg N/A48lb 8oz
2ndIvan CurriePeg N/A30lb 4oz
3rdBarry FowlerPeg N/A9lb 4oz

Results - Sunday 21st February 2016

3rd and Final Winter Series Club Match on Plantation Lake.

1stLance TuckerPeg 26133lb 10oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg 12116lb 8oz
3rdKev PerryPeg N/A83lb 7oz
1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A43lb 10oz

Results - Sunday 7th February 2016

2nd Winter Series Club Match on Plantation Lake.

1stKev PerryPeg N/A70lb 14oz
2ndSimon CarvelloPeg N/A63lb 12oz
3rdCraig TuckerPeg N/A51lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 17th January 2016

Winter Series Club Match on Plantation Lake.

1stAdie BakerPeg N/A101lb 14oz
2ndLance TuckerPeg N/A86lb 10oz
3rdNick HarveyPeg N/A58lb 10oz

Results - Sunday 3rd January 2016

OPEN Boxing Day Pairs Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stIvan Currie & Lewis JonesPeg N/A61lb 10oz
2ndRain Slipper & Kevv PerryPeg N/A57lb 9oz
3rdMatt Roden & Paul FairesPeg N/A54lb 4oz

Results - Sunday 20th December 2015

OPEN Christmas Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stRich LoveringPeg N/A48lb 0oz
2ndIvan CurriePeg N/A45lb 8oz
3rdMike OwensPeg N/A31lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 18th October 2015

Club Match on Sedges Brick Lake.

1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A90lb 8oz
2ndLance TuckerPeg N/A72lb 8oz
3rdIvan CurriePeg N/A64lb 1oz

Results - Sunday 9th August 2015

Club Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stIvan CurriePeg N/A83lb 8oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg N/A75lb 0oz
3rdMark WalshPeg N/A71lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 12th July 2015

Club Match on Durleigh Reservoir.

1stMark BartkettPeg N/A43lb 4oz
2ndRob FoggPeg N/A43lb 0oz
3rdAndy HembrowPeg N/A39lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 31st May 2015

Club Match on Summerhayes Sellicks Lake.

1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A90lb 5oz
2ndJonny PagePeg N/A69lb 3oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg N/A68lb 3oz

Results - Saturday 23rd May 2015

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stGabriel SkarbaPeg 40180lb 0oz
2ndJonny PagePeg 22150lb 0oz
3rdRich HeatleyPeg 33108lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 3rd May 2015

Club Match on Avalon Fisheries

1stScott SmallwoodPeg N/A71lb 2oz
2ndKev PerryPeg N/A64lb 0oz
3rdIvan CurriePeg N/A27lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 28th December 2014

Boxing Day Pairs Match on Paddock Lake

1stNick Harvery & Martin AlexandaPeg N/A64lb 2oz
2ndDave Stephenson & Geoff StonePeg N/A46lb 11oz
3rdBrian Slipper & Steve BonwockPeg N/A41lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 21st December 2014

Christmas Club Match on Plantation Main Lake.

1stMark WalshPeg N/A30lb 9oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg N/A23lb 5oz
3rdAndy HembrowPeg N/A22lb 6oz

Results - Sunday 23rd November 2014

Club Match on Plantation Main Lake.

1stRod WottenPeg 886lb 13oz
2ndBrian SlipperPeg 778lb 6oz
3rdMartin LeneghanPeg 476lb 7oz
1stMark BromsgrovePeg 2822lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 10th August 2014

Club Match vs. Frys AC held on Durleigh Reservoir.

1stBarry FowlerPeg N/A75lb 10oz
2ndMark BromsgrovePeg N/A47lb 2oz
3rdLance TuckerPeg N/A39lb 0oz

Results - Saturday 2nd August 2014

Saturday Series Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stPaul NicholsPeg 16154lb 14oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg 36140lb 12oz
3rdDom SullivanPeg 14119lb 10oz
1stRivh HeatleyPeg N/A21lb 8oz

Results - Saturday 26th July 2014

Saturday Series Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stLewis JonesPeg N/A210lb 4oz
2ndPaul NicholsPeg N/A167lb 4oz
3rdMaria GreenPeg N/A146lb 2oz
1stMark WalshPeg N/A21lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 20th July 2014

Club Match on Avalon.

1stPaul NicholsPeg N/A175lb 3oz
2ndLee WilliamsPeg N/A89lb 14oz
3rdScott SmallwoodPeg N/A45lb 13oz

Results - Sunday 6th July 2014

Club Match on The River Kenn.

1stDan DymondPeg 371lb 10oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg 271lb 9oz
3rdSteve BonwickPeg 453lb 4oz

Results - Sunday 22nd June 2014

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stKev PerryPeg 21157lb 12oz
2ndAndy HembrowPeg 37118lb 8oz
3rdLewis WalkerPeg 4082lb 13oz
1stAdie BakerPeg 2417lb 10oz

Results - Saturday 14th June 2014

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stGlenn CalvertPeg N/A112lb 6oz
2ndEmma GreenPeg N/A86lb 12oz
1stAndy GuardPeg N/A21lb 4oz

Results - Saturday 7th June 2014

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stAdie BakerPeg 967lb 0oz
2ndNick GreenPeg 3460lb 0oz
3rdBrian HadleyPeg N/A54lb 6oz

Results - Saturday 17th May 2014

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stBrian SlipperPeg 9100lb 15oz
2ndMark WalshPeg 293lb 10oz
3rdMaria GreenPeg 483lb 6oz

Results - Sunday 11th May 2014

Club PAIRS Match on Shiplate WSM (West & Hawthorn Lakes).

1stAndy Hembrow & James GuntherPeg N/A113lb 14oz
2ndLee Williams & Adie BakerPeg N/A105lb 2oz

Results - Sunday 4th May 2014

Club Match on Avalon (Match Lake).

1stAndy HembrowPeg N/A134lb 4oz
2ndMike WestPeg N/A102lb 0oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg N/A84lb 13oz
1stDave WridePeg N/AN/A

Results - Saturday 3rd May 2014

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stBarry CouncilPeg 3851lb 4oz
2ndRich HeatleyPeg 3649lb 8oz
3rdGarry CrossPeg 943lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 20th April 2014

Club Match on Sedges (Brick Lake).

1stKev PerryPeg N/A130lb 3oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg N/A121lb 3oz
3rdLance TuckerPeg N/A111lb 14oz
1stChris ParrPeg N/A41lb 9oz
2ndBarry FowlerPeg N/A31lb 0oz

Results - Sunday 6th April 2014

Club Match on Trinity Woodlands Lake.

1stLee WilliamsPeg N/A117lb 6oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg N/A90lb 5oz
3rdIvan CurriePeg N/A88lb 8oz

Results - Saturday 22nd March 2014

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stKev PerryPeg 1155lb 10oz
2ndBarry CouncilPeg 724lb 12oz
3rdBob GullickPeg 2824lb 4oz

Results - Sunday 16th March 2014

Club Match on Plantations.

1stMike OwensPeg N/A76lb 0oz
2ndLance TuckerPeg N/A46lb 10oz
3rdPaul NicholsPeg N/A37lb 0oz
1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A27lb 8oz

Results - Saturday 8th March 2014

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stDom SullivanPeg N/A45lb 10oz
2ndPaul NicholsPeg N/A27lb 8oz
3rdGabriel SkarbaPeg N/A23lb 8oz
1stPaul FairesPeg N/A11lb 2oz

Results - Sunday 2nd March 2014

Club Match on Trinity Woodlands Lake.

1stAdie BakerPeg N/A85lb 4oz
2ndBrian SlipperPeg N/A61lb 0oz
3rdNick HarveyPeg N/A40lb 10oz
1stKev PerryPeg N/A22lb 0oz
2ndMark BromsgrovePeg N/A7lb 12oz

Results - Saturday 22nd February 2014

OPEN Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stDave SmartPeg N/A35lb 3oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg N/A31lb 0oz
1stGlen CalvertPeg N/A8lb 14oz

Results - Sunday 2nd February 2014

Club Match at Plantations Main Lake.

1stKev PerryPeg 558lb 4oz
2ndLance TuckerPeg 458lb 2oz
3rdAdie BakerPeg 2857lb 12oz
1stMark BromsgrovePeg 249lb 13oz

Results - Saturday 11th January 2014

OPEN Saturday Match on Acorn Paddock Lake

1stAdie BakerPeg 1154lb 8oz
2ndDom SullivanPeg 3419lb 8oz
3rdDave StephensonPeg 417lb 2oz
1stAndy GuardPeg 75lb 14oz

Results - Sunday 29th December 2013

OPEN Boxing Day pairs match at Plantations

1stPaul Faires & Kev PerryPeg 8 & 25128lb 0oz
2ndMark Bromsgrove & Rich HeatleyPeg 26 & 1239lb 2oz
3rdIvan Currie & Darren VowlesPeg 1 & 2735lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 22nd December 2013

Christmas Club Match at Plantations (Horseshoe Lake)

1stRich LoveringPeg N/A15lb 5oz
2ndGlen CalvertPeg N/A11lb 8oz
3rdPhil DeaconPeg N/A8lb 3oz
1stAndy HembrowPeg N/A2lb 2oz
2ndSimon CarvelloPeg N/A1lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 22nd December 2013

Christmas Club Match at Plantations (Main Lake)

1stJohn WoolsencroftPeg N/A64lb 10oz
2ndDon SutherlandPeg N/A25lb 8oz
3rdPaul NicholsPeg N/A19lb 12oz
1stMike OwensPeg N/A6lb 14oz
2ndBrian SlipperPeg N/A5lb 3oz

Results - Sunday 1st December 2013

Club Match at Trinity Woodlands

1stRich HeatleyPeg N/A77lb 10oz
2ndMark WalshPeg N/A66lb 5oz
3rdPhil NashPeg N/A48lb 11oz
1stAdie BakerPeg N/A14lb 2oz
2ndLewis WalkerPeg N/A12lb 14oz

Results - Sunday 24th November 2013

Club Match at Apex Lakes

1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A28lb 8oz
2ndPaul FairesPeg N/A16lb 4oz
3rdSimon CarvalloPeg N/A11lb 10oz

Results - Sunday 27th October 2013

Club Match at Trinity Woodlands

1stTitch WilliamsPeg N/A84lb 2oz
2ndJohny PagePeg N/A83lb 10oz
3rdPhil DeaconPeg N/A81lb 0z

Results - Monday 26th August 2013

Bank Holiday Monday Match at Acorn Paddock Lake

1stGabriel SkarbaPeg N/A310lb 5oz
2ndBrian SlipperPeg N/A167lb 0oz
3rdGlen BaileyPeg N/A114lb 8oz
1stPaul FairesPeg N/A13lb 10oz
2ndLee WallerPeg N/A12lb 0oz

Results - Saturday 24th August 2013

Saturday Series (4) Club Match at Acorn Fishery (Top Lake)

1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A6 points
2ndRod WottonPeg N/A7 points

Results - Sunday 11th August 2013

Club Match at Durleigh Reservoir

1stAdam PalmerPeg N/A61lb 14oz
2ndAdie BakerPeg N/A28lb 0oz
3rdJonny PagePeg N/A24lb 9oz

Results - Sunday 4th August 2013

Club Match at Trinity Woodlands in windy conditions

1stPaul NicholsPeg 31154lb 10oz
2ndSimon RyallPeg 14101lb 8oz
3rdNick HarveyPeg 1189lb 8oz
1stMark WalshPeg 1326lb 5oz
2ndMark BromsgrovePeg 3019lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 21st July 2013

Club Match at Durleigh Reservoir

1stJames GuntherPeg 558lb 4oz
2ndMervyn SevylePeg 152lb 4oz
3rdWarren BatesPeg 1944lb 12oz

Results - Saturday 13th July 2013

Saturday Series (3) Club Match at Plantations Horseshoe Lake

1stMark BromsgrovePeg N/A59lb 8oz
2ndAndy HembrowPeg N/A41lb 0oz
3rdChris FoxPeg N/A34lb 12oz

Results - Saturday 29th June 2013

Saturday Series (2) Club Match at Acorn Fishery

1stChris FoxPeg N/A66lb 14oz
2ndRod WottonPeg N/A64lb 12oz
3rdBrian SlipperPeg N/A55lb 6oz

Results - Sunday 9th June 2013

Match at Shiplate Main Lake

1stAndy HembrowPeg 1454lb 12oz
2ndBrian SlipperPeg 6a35lb 6oz
3rdLee WilliamsPeg 5a23lb 12oz
1stPaul FairesPeg 14b7lb 6oz
2ndNick HarveyPeg 134lb 12oz

Results - Sunday 19th May 2013

Match at Trinity Woodlands

1stPaul NicholsPeg 15153lb 10oz
2ndSimon RyallPeg 10122lb 10oz
3rdPhil DeaconPeg 2477lb 13oz
1stNick HarveyPeg 2320lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 21st April 2013

19 fished Trinity Woodlands

1stAndy HembrowPeg 23128lb 14oz
2ndAllan OramPeg 11123lb 0oz
3rdJonny PagePeg 2693lb 2oz
1stAdie BakerPeg 1920lb 8oz
2ndBrian SlipperPeg 317lb 10oz

Results - Sunday 7th April 2013

22 fished Apex Lakes

1stDom SullivanPeg 422lb 14oz
2ndRob FoggPeg 1016lb 10oz
3rdPaul FairesPeg 4312lb 8oz

Results - Sunday 17th March 2013

20 fished Ship Late Fishery.

1stJohn PagePeg 1442lb 14oz
2ndLance TuckerPeg 737lb 10oz
3rdLee WilliamsPeg 333lb 8oz
1stAdie BakerPeg 4a17lb 6oz

Results - Sunday 3rd March 2013

5 fished Avon (Craine Stretch).

1stToby ParkerPeg N/A2lb 8oz
2ndScott SmallwoodPeg N/A2lb

Results - Sunday 24th February 2013

9 fished Trinity Woodlands

1stBrian SlipperPeg 1055lb.04oz
2ndRichard HeatleyPeg 2439lb 0oz
1stKev PerryPeg 127lb14oz

Results - Tuesday 8th January 2013

Plantation Lake Open Match

1stRichard HeatleyPeg 557lb 5oz
(46lb 14oz Carp)

Results - Thursday 3rd January 2013

20 fished Plantation Main lake in a bitterly cold wind.

1stAndy HembrowPeg 877lb 5oz
2ndRod WootenPeg 1946lb 4oz
3rdRich LoveringPeg 542lb 15oz
1stPaul FairsPeg 1111lb 13oz
2ndBrain SlipperPeg 127lb 12oz