Current situation

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As of now….23rd March 2020 …….the Clubs planned Match Programme is suspended until further notice. We will not be performing any bankside maintenance either and the Management Committee will be dealing with any issues via mobile technology.

Any updates etc will be published on this website as well as our Facebook page Clevedon FWAC

Stay safe all and hope to see on the bank when this virus has been beaten.

Platform Project update

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Progress concerning the Fishing Platform Project has been frustratingly slow. As previously posted on this News Page I did manage to obtain permission from the Flood Risk Prevention Team at the Environment Agency to site 12 platforms at specific grid references above and below Strode Rd. We were almost there with funding support from Sport England and then the Environment Agency Estates Team informed me that another arrangement concerning the land that runs alongside part of the river was being discussed. With who or what it entails is a mystery. I have been corresponding with the EA Estates Team over this since last August.

To-day (25th Feb) I have written to them again describing our frustration as a Club and the lack of co-operation despite having the fishing licence for the Blind Yeo since 1956!

Update to follow when and if received.


Ivan Currie


River Kenn still on form

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Saturday 8th February…..

Ivan Currie had a short morning session on peg 35 but didn’t really catch until late morning. Ended up with a 3lb pike, 3 perch one almost 2lbs, a 5lb plus bream and a 2lb tench. All on the waggles and red maggot. Mean while down on peg 15 Paul Tedman-Whitemoor set his stall out for big fish. he only had 2 bites and connected with one resulting in a chub, yes a chub weighing 4lb 13oz. Fishings a funny old game on the Kenn but “he who dares wins” as they say…..


John Sallis and I attended the above Forum on Wednesday evening 29th January.

There were a number of Club representatives present from as far south as Cornwall up to Bristol.

It was good to meet the new CEO of the Angling Trust, Jamie Cook who had only been in post 3 days but he is an angler covering all disciplines of the sport but a specimen carp angler at heart. What’s more he lives in Bristol.

As a member Club of the Angling Trust we must look to see how we can use there services more other than simply having legal protection and advice.

The Environment Agency Fisheries Team were also in attendance and I met Liam Timothy for the first time face to face. Liam has helped the Club quite a bit during the past year including supplying 1000 roach and skimmers just before Christmas.

I spoke to him about the weed problem we have on the Kenn during August and October. It’s Floating Pennywort and is an invasive species from North America. The EA did provide mechanical equipment to clear it last year and we have requested more of the same this year. I have also been in conversation with the Angling Trust concerning the problem as its becoming a problem nationally. I have been informed DEFRA are working on a solution e.g. spray to kill it off without damaging the rest of the environment.

ivan Currie



River Kenn on fine form

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What a day on the River Kenn (Thurs 23rd Jan). 4 anglers on the bank. Chris Ford fished below Strode Rd with bread and had 4 bream the best going 7lbs 10oz plus a small carp! Mike James fished a small lure for pike and had one just under 10lbs. Chris Burden fished his usual long rod and centre pin with an avon float and bread and had a big tench and a pike! Club Secretary Ivan Currie fished the waggler and maggot 2 pegs above Strode Rd for 3 big hybrids, 2 tench, a roach, 6 perch and a jack pike. The river was spot on. Thats 7 species of fish caught today.




Match update

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Our Match Calendar is almost ready for publishing on our Website but while this is being finalised here are a couple of dates if anyone is interested (Club members only)…….

Sunday 26th January River Kenn
Sunday Sunday 9th February River Kenn

Tench and plenty of perch coming out at the moment.

Book in with Adie on 07988 736722

New Head Water Keeper

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John Sallis who has been our Head Water Keeper for many years has stood down due to moving to Weston Super Mare. We would like to thank John for his hard work and dedication. John remains on the Club Committee and will still be a voice to be heard.

We would also like to welcome Matt Davis who has now taken up the role. Matt has been an active member of the Club for some time. If your on the bank you’ll be seeing him frequently.