• Our application was progressing well up until early August.
  • John Merne my contact in Sport England has been supporting our application and fighting our corner, in his words it was looking very promising.
  • John asked for a copy of our lease in order to let the legal team look over it.
  • i asked for a copy from Bob but he only had a paper copy dated 2004
  • I contacted the EA Estate Team and requested an up to date electronic copy.
  • Catherine O’Brien did provide one dated 2009 and said it was under review.
  • I explained why we needed it and told her about gaining permission and the certificates from the EA with regard to the platforms.
  • She appeared to be unaware of this process and asked me to send her what I had plus the grid references where the platforms are to be placed which I did.
  • The response came back from her saying that I had not gained permission from the land owner i.e. the EA.
  • I replied back to her saying that I was aware permission also had to be gained from the land owner and I did check if I needed it given the EA had gave us permission to place the platforms at 12 grid references along the river on their own land and I was told to simply go ahead.
  • It would appear we do need permission from the Estates Team and they will not give this until this business with the land is sorted and a new lease is drawn up. They will not divulge what the changes are at the moment.
  • I have asked that I be kept informed and asked when this change is likely to be completed.
  • I have contacted Sport England and asked them to press the pause button on our application.

Ivan Currie


A lot of time was spent preparing swims for this match but the floating rafts of weed meant that some quick action had to be taken on the day and unfortunately a lot of re-pegging had to be carried out. Long serving member Pete Johnson won the day with a big bream and some smaller fish for a total weight of 10lb 10oz from peg 38, 2nd was Paul Faiers with 4lb 12oz  off peg 24 and 3rd was Gary Cross with 4lb from peg 3.

Over £350 was raised for the Springboards children’s charity.

Photo’s below show Pete with his catch and the presentation of the trophy by Emma from the charity.


Charity Match

by Clevedon FWAC on

It’s not long now until the Clubs annual charity match. We have been doing this for years now and raised thousands of pounds for local charities. We hare supporting ”Spring Board” again this year which is a special children’s centre in Clevedon.

The match is on Saturday 7th September on our own waters (River Kenn). Swim clearing before hand will ensure its in order. The roach are starting to show now along with lots of perch but that big bream shoal on the lower river might well get their heads down as well.

The draw is at the Bridge Inn, Yatton at 09:00 with breakfast available from 08:00.

Fishing will be from 10:00 – 15:00 with the results and BBQ at the Blue Flame Nails Moor.

Cost is £20 all in (including the BBQ).

Guess the winning weight forms will also be available.

To book in and support this great cause ….contact Adie Baker on 07988 736722

Sunday 11th August saw the Club at Durleigh Reservoir.

Mark Bartlett won the match with a fantastic 72lb of bream fishing at distance. Second was Kev Perry another angler who puts time in on the venue, Kev had 40lb followed by Matt Davis who third place with 24lb.

A Section was won by John Sallis with 13lb, B Section winner was Steve Bonwick with 19lb.

Kev with his catch

Bream now showing

by Clevedon FWAC on

Well after a poor opening weekend due to the state of the River Kenn after all the heavy rain things appear to be settling down. Club Trustee Barry Fowler fished peg 8 yesterday with the feeder and had a great bag of bream the best going 8lb 9oz, other bream averaged 6lb – 7lbs, 14 in total plus eels, roach, rudd, perch and a tench. Long grass was thoroughly saturated with water as was the fish and Barry was assisted by Club Chairman Steve Bonwick so they were out and back in quickly.
We are doing some more maintenance this Saturday morning to clear the last of the reeds below Strode Rd. All support is welcomed, meet at Strode Rd. Bridge at 09:30 or walk down anytime to give a lending hand. If you have a weed rake or weed cutter on a long handle that would be useful.